Magic Pan - Pedestal
Produce lots of candy, prizes, etc. from this empty pan!

Magic Pan - Pedestal


Produce lots of candy, prizes, etc. from this empty pan! Pedestal base design!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

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WARNING: Disclaimer
I assume full responsibility for safety if used with a live animal

Couldn't be easier!

Wonderful and really useful way to produce so many items- and it works automatically! Couldn't be easier! If you can put the cover on the base- you can do the trick!

Show the pan empty. Cover the pan, then instantly remove the cover again- and your item has appeared! You can produce so many different things: a pile of candy, small prizes, spring flowers!

The items you produce are up to you! How about producing silks, a rubber chicken or rubber dove, or the Robbie Raccoon puppet? Produce anything that fits in the pan!

WARNING! Disclaimer: We recommend that you do not use this item to produce a live animal. If you do, you agree to take full responsibility for the safety of your live animal.

This particular Dove Pan (we call it the Magic Pan) has a very unique design, with a pedestal base so it shows up well from a distance. Also, the pedestal makes it very obvious that there is no "trap door" in the pan or in the table it's resting on. Of course, you can even hold this in your hand as you perform it- the gimmick is built into the pan itself.

Why is this called a "dove pan"? This trick has been around for a few hundred years. Back in the day, magicians would be expected to produce live animals as part of the show. The size of this pan was perfect for safely producing a bird such as a dove or pigeon. So, this type of pan became known as a "Dove Pan". Today, the Dove Pan has become the easiest way of producing small items, without having to have any skill.

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