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SOLD *CLOSEOUT* Patterned Color Changing Hat
Hat changes into a different fabric five times!

SOLD *CLOSEOUT* Patterned Color Changing Hat


Hat changes into a different fabric five times!

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Ages 10 and up   Level 1



It is on CLOSEOUT because this is the last of our remaining stock and we can't get more at this time.

One hat- FIVE different patterns!

The Color Changing Hat is a great way for magicians and clowns to use a member of the audience in the show.

Put the funny hat on your spectator- and that will start the fun.
Ask the spectator if he likes his hat.
He will probably say NO.
Tell him you will change the color of the hat for him.
Simply turn the hat inside out, and it will be a different fabric design.
Not so magical? OK, how about taking the hat and turning it inside out again- and it changes to a THIRD fabric?
Now that's magic!

Every time you turn it inside out, it changes fabric!
That is, you can turn it inside out five times and always have a different fabric!

Change the hat from solid green, black and white plaid, red checks with flowers, green with polka dots, and finally Angry Birds.
It's easy- if you can turn the hat inside out, you can do the trick!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Patterned Color Changing Hat
  • printed instructions

The hat will fit a child the best, though it will fit some adults.
On an adult, it will be somewhat small, which adds to the comedy effect.
Made of cotton fabrics.

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