Palming Coins Set of SIX
Use these thin coins to make palming a group of coins easier!

Palming Coins Set of SIX


Use these thin coins to make palming a group of coins easier!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Make palming a lot easier!



If you want to perform a trick like the COIN BUCKET where you have to palm a lot of coins at once, you may consider these Palming Coins.
Made to look like shiny Kennedy Half Dollars, these coins are about one-third thinner, so you can hold more hidden in your hand.
And they have a reeded edge to make them easy to grip.

Of course, these are replica coins, and are meant to be seen briefly from a distance.
They are not meant to fool your spectator in closeup coin routines.

These coins are lightweight, but have enough body to make a good loud sound when used in the COIN BUCKET.

These coins do not come with any instructions.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • SIX Palming Coins
  • NO instructions

You supply your own trick or routine.
Coins are lightweight metal.
Made to look like Kennedy Half Dollars.
Same diameter as a Half Dollar, but about one-third thinner.
Bright silver color.
Reeded edge.

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