SOLD Ozone Paper Tear *PREOWNED*

SOLD Ozone Paper Tear *PREOWNED*


Educational paper tear message!






This magic trick was on the market in the late 1990s.
We were not able to locate any of these currently for sale on the Internet.

An educational, politically correct cut-and-restored paper effect!

The instructions introduction explains:
You have a spectator write her name on a piece of paper which has big letters spelling out the word OZONE on it.
You tell her that it represents the Earth's ozone layer.
You destroy the OZONE strip by tearing it into little pieces as you talk about all the things that are destroying Earth's ozone layer.
You then ask (and prompt) your spectator to tell you how to protect the ozone layer.
You get her to say that not using aerosol propellants, for example, is a good way.
You tell her that her knowledge and commitment has made a difference.
You open the paper to show that it has been restored- and her signature is still on it!

You will get 41 OZONE paper strips plus written instructions.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • OZONE printed paper strips (quantity of 41)
  • original printed instructions

CONDITION: used, working condition, instructions show wear
Paper strips are about 17" long and about 3.5" wide.
Printed in black ink on white paper.
Papers were stored rolled in half, so there is a slight crease in the middle which will not affect the performance.

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