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Do magic with items you already have around the house!
Learn magic tricks you can do with items you'll find in every house or office on these popular instruction DVDs!
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Magic With Ordinary Objects DVDs

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Learn the secrets to these astounding bar bets- fool your friends!
Perform astounding but easy sleight of hand with ordinary objects!
Learn the secret undetectable card sleights used by pro gambling cheats!
Learn to perform magic tricks with ordinary objects- includes Svengali Deck!
Learn incredible tricks with regular rubber bands!
Make an ordinary paperclip move by itself
Be ready to do incredible magic ANYTIME with ordinary objects!
Learn to perform jawdropping magic tricks with ordinary objects and playing cards!
BONUS: Comes with FREE Svengali Deck!
Perform incredible magic anytime, anywhere with no special props!
Nine methods to tear ANY newspaper into pieces- then instantly restore it!
Tear a newspaper into pieces- then instantly restore it! Different method!
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