Optical Delusion
Block reappears and then vanishes from case!

Optical Delusion


Block reappears and then vanishes from case!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Do your eyes deceive you?

The block is clearly there- or is it?!

The routine is simple:
Remove the cover from the box.
Inside the box are three blocks- a red, a yellow and a blue.
The blue one looks a little smaller- but is it really?
Remove the blue block, and let your spectator look at it as well, if you wish.
Take the blue block and truly put it elsewhere- in a drawer, in your pocket, etc.
Next, close the box with only the red and yellow blocks inside.
When you open the box again- the blue block is BACK in the box!
And it is the same size as the other two blocks!
Were your eyes deceiving you??

Close the box and open it again.
The blue block is GONE!
Reach into your drawer or pocket, and bring back the blue block!
Was the blue block in the box an optical delusion??!!

This one is VERY VERY easy- it practically works itself!
If you can hold the box, you can do this trick!

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