Thanks so much to everyone who shared their opinions on the SILK IN BALLOON SILK, by the way.
Your comments helped me decide to carry that trick.
Look for it in the shop!

Ready to rate another product?
Here is an item called SKUNK PUPPET.
It's a synthetic fur covered spring puppet that is easy to operate.
Spring raccoon puppets have been popular for years, and this one is the same concept, but in a skunk design.
Like the raccoon, it is not supposed to be exactly lifelike, but just recognizable enough to let your audience have fun watching it interact with you.
You can simply use it as a very unique item to produce from a box or bag.
Or you can incorporate him into your routine, asking him questions as he nods the answers, or letting him "pick" a card, etc.
Audiences love animals, even fake ones!
The selling price will probably be $14.99.
Let me show you the Skunk Puppet, and then using the Comments form below, please tell me what you think.
Should I add the SKUNK PUPPET to the shop?
And what would you name him?


Robert J Lavergne

Date 5/11/2020



Date 5/11/2020

Flower, if Disney doesn't mind. Skyler? I like skunks. They get a bad rap. Stinkerbell.


Date 5/11/2020

If there is a way to get these on an "as needed basis" I would do that. I doubt that the demand would be large enough, or cost effective enough to carry them in inventory. I just don't think they are something the vast majority of us would use.


Date 5/11/2020

Love it as long as I don't have to share billing. Not a bad price too.

Mr. G.

Date 5/11/2020

Nice idea, but don't think it will be a big seller. Perhaps only for a very young audience. Would only have a few on hand and see how well they sell before stocking up.

Ken Faulk

Date 5/12/2020

I think Stinky should have a place in your inventory. .


Date 5/14/2020


Tom Bohacek

Date 5/20/2020

It is too close to the raccoon that was the first spring animal that was offered. While some may ant a skunk, I just don't see much of a demand for the guy. Now if I was doing a snuck themed show that would be a goto item. But how many of us do skunk themed shows. I'll most of have the racoon siting on a shelf. So my vote is NO

David C Troutman

Date 5/20/2020

Spring animals are a great way to create audience laughter and get kids attention. The price is really good compared to other spring animals out there and budget friendly for anyone starting out who wants to use them. I say add them!

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