**UPDATE** - we added SILK IN BALLOON SILK to the shop!
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Thanks so much to everyone who shared their opinions on the IN AND OUT STAR BOXES, by the way.
Your comments helped me decide to carry that trick.
Look for it in the shop!

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Here is a trick called SILK IN BALLOON SILK.
It's a playoff on the classic Silk In Balloon trick- but there is no real balloon.
It's done with a picture of a balloon!
You'll get the colorful balloon silk, a small yellow silk, a secret gimmick, and of course my personal online instruction video.
The planned selling price will be $11.99.
Let me show you the routine, and then using the Comments form below, please tell me what you think.
Should I add SILK IN BALLOON SILK to the shop?


Robt. Mauger

Date 5/4/2020

Nice looking silk for 11.99. Make a nice little add on to a square circle routine.

Kurt Trautmann

Date 5/4/2020

I would definitely buy this one! I do mostly kid shows, so design silks like this are VERY useful. I have a couple of similar tricks, but the balloon theme is a new one and could easily be combined with other effects to make a neat routine. Go for it!

Spencer Farmans

Date 5/4/2020

I like this even better than the rabbit in the hat silk production, Peter. What is nice about this version is the size of the silk, which can play to an even larger audience. My opinion, for what it's worth, is that this one is keeper! Thanks, again, for all the wonderful, little gems you are providing us with. I am truly enjoying it all.

Thomas M Bohacek

Date 5/4/2020

I love the balloon silk. It would be good for a children’s show.

Guillermo Sanchez

Date 5/4/2020

Very nice! The idea Silk in balloon is really cool. Plays big. Hope you do carry it. I will get it.

Lou Conti

Date 5/4/2020

Great trick

Doug A.

Date 5/4/2020

It's probably not something I would buy, but I liked your handlin of the gimmick that does not show all the normal "tell tale signs", and as Robt. stated, the silk looks very nice for the money. Probably worthwhile to carry.

David Hall

Date 5/4/2020

Really like the Balloon Silk, great size. May get this later to add to my collection.

Mr. G.

Date 5/4/2020

Great addition for childrens' entertainment. You make the trick look so simple and easy, but then again, you are a pro too! Nice addition for the effect and of course, the large and colorful silk. The price of $11.99 seems fair.


Date 5/4/2020

I say go for this one without a doubt! It's magical, flashy, self contained and priced right.

Rod Kreimeyer

Date 5/4/2020

Nice scarf trick. I would buy one I really enjoy watching your videos and your product line ????

David C Troutman

Date 5/5/2020

Great trick for kid shows and even some close up and walk around magic. I would purchase this.

Roger Reeves

Date 5/5/2020

Pete: Great silk but I would call it LETS BUST THE BALLOON. 1. Produce the silk. 2.. Show yellow silk or any color silk that we are going to push down inside to break the balloon silk 3. Have the T/T on and loaded with confetti. 4. push off T/T dump confetti into center of the balloon silk . 5. reload yellow silk never to be seen again. 6. Shake balloon silk again producing show of confetti color that matches 6 inch silk.

Brent Kelly

Date 5/5/2020

I like it. It would be a good addition to a family show. Even better, as I was watching the effect I noticed that it plays well on camera, and that's what we are all doing a lot of these days.

Charlie Johnson

Date 5/10/2020

Love it! The color pops for sure. Just don't inflate the price. I should stop..or maybe knot. And this is after just watching the video. And yes I would tell them jokes in my show while doing this. You should definitely add this to the shop and let me know when it's available please... don't let this deal float away!

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