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This is a silly production item- but we think it has some potential.
Do you have some ideas to share on how you would use this hammer in a routine?
Let me show you the hammer, and then using the Comments form below, please give me your feedback.


Thomas M Bohacek

Date 6/29/2020

Well if I needed a hammer to do some hammering then this would be the ticket for a kids show. But I am not sure where I would use it. It would have to be for the little kids.

Mr. G.

Date 6/29/2020

Cute and funny. Could be useful for a skit or comedy trick. Pricing, maybe $12...

John C Carpenter

Date 6/30/2020

Call it the MC Hammer, and have the Master of Ceremonies bring it out of the bag and bang the podium to call the crowd to order.

Spencer Farmans

Date 6/30/2020

This would be a good change bag item, especially with the use of a participant from the audience.

Spencer Farmans

Date 6/30/2020

This would be terrific with a change bag and an audience participant as a comic gag.

Kurt Trautmann

Date 6/30/2020

I bought one of these a couple of years ago and highly recommend it for kid shows. I produce several improbable and unrelated items from a small watering can during my blooming blossom/botania routine. Young kids seem to love the silly production (rubber chicken, banana, coke bottle, hammer, sausages, rubber centipede, and a spring snake. It's ridiculous but it works! I think I paid about $15 for mine, which I thought was a fair price. I'm sure it could be worked into other performances besides kid shows.

Hal Ottenstein

Date 7/2/2020

excellent item Peter, you may want to have the song from Peter, Paul and Mary playing in the background. You also may want to, after produced, secretly insert a rod like a piece of hanger inserted so you can 'hit' the table, etc. or 'hit' a nail which is part way into a board and have a sound effect play, or have broken glass in a box, 'hit' into the box and at the same time shake the box so they hear broken glass and then carefully take out and show a piece, etc.... I think it's a good prop... glad I popped in again.

Trey Paterson

Date 7/14/2020

I think this could be a lot of fun. I would buy one. I all ready have a couple good ideas for it.

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