Need Your Opinion: Quarter Mark

Posted by Peter Monticup on 6/15/2020 to We Need Your Opinion


Ready to give your input on another product?
Here is a different kind of trick, done with a mark and a quarter.
Which is why we call it QUARTER MARK, though you are free to suggest a different name!

The selling price will probably be $13.99.
Let me show you the effect, and then using the Comments form below, please tell me what you think it should be called.


Date 6/15/2020
Mike Minakawa
Good routine. Nothing wrong with calling it quarter mark.
Date 6/15/2020
Mr. Mark Zagursky
HI Peter, Its good to see Dirk again and its a very novel idea doing the video outside. Nice routine and I like the name Quarter Mark. Regarding the price, just my pinion, it may be a tad bit high at $13.99. Thanks for asking the magic community's opinion...keep up the excellent work and stay safe.
Date 6/15/2020
Chico De Coster
I enjoyed the routine. I actually think Quarter Mark is a great name for this and I think that a price of $13.99 is very fair. Thanks and continue to stay safe!
Date 6/16/2020
The title is fine, and does pique one's curiosity. By the way, very effective use of social distancing. Not only does it remind us to factor that into our shows, it adds complexity to the venerable Who's Got It/Free Will plot. Don't know about the price, unless it includes props. If the quarters are included, that effectively makes for a 50¢ rebate. If the wallet is included - Well, even a cheap wallet is worth $10. If Dirk is included, we'll have to feed him, and that's going to run into big money.
Date 6/16/2020
harold oakley
The name is fine and the price is whatever you think is appropriate.
Date 6/22/2020
Kevin Kasel
Quarter Mark sounds like a good name, $13.99 seems about right for the price.

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