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I have sold versions of this effect since 1971, so I have lots of experience with it.
If you have the patience, this is an amazing little closeup illusion.

Of course, I will include my own video showing you the convincing techniques I developed over the years.
The selling price will probably be $13.99.
Let me show you the effect, and then using the Comments form below, please give me your feedback.


Mr. G.

Date 8/17/2020

Nice effect but not anything new. Price is too much. Cute for beginners.

Bernie Amler

Date 8/18/2020

Compared very favorably in price with Murphy's Magic Haunted Key Deluxe, $14.95. But then they do give some extra routines for the key.

Shawn Allen

Date 8/25/2020

I do like the effect, I have one I bought a while ago, and it is amazing how people think it is so easy to do and copy the effect... but can't.


Date 12/23/2020

Some new enhancements are much needed. A picture of a lock, the key moves and then the picture NOW shows the same lock now OPENED. -a shadow effect, where the shadow turns the key. -the key turns on the volunteers hand is so much stronger. -an impossible balance, where key appears to be suspended . a patter of the metal becoming lighter, and the key turning. You might also have one side of the key painted red, start off with the silver side and then it turns over to red. You should include the key as a pendulum and perform some classic circle/back & forth routines With some invisible thread the entire length of the key could move across the table or spin. The key itself should come with a special bag or small container.

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