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Here is an item that needs a catchy name.
This is a very useful gimmick, a ring with a single spot magnet built into it.
The benefit of this ring is that you can position the magnet over a shim shell, or a shimmed ball, etc. but the ring itself won't cling to metal by mistake.
You can do the Dime and Penny trick without a pen, or you can do the Cups and Balls with a red plastic cup, for example.
The selling price will probably be $9.99.
Let me show you the ring, and then using the Comments form below, please tell me what you think it should be called.


Spencer Farmans

Date 6/8/2020

Peter-- I don't believe "The Magnet Ring" is a good name. It does give away what the magician is planning to do with it. A thumb tip really does not give away just exactly what that gimmick with that name does. What about "The Transposition " without using the word "ring: in the title at all? It tells the audience what the trick shall do without giving away the secret. Anyway, for what it's worth , that is my take. Good luck! Best, Spencer

gerald ralston

Date 6/8/2020 8:45:51 PM

Attractive Ring


Date 6/8/2020

PK Spot

Dick McCune aka Blathmac

Date 6/8/2020

How about, The "Spot On" Ring.


Date 6/8/2020

How about sticky finger ?.


Date 6/8/2020

The Focused Attraction Ring. FAR for short. The Stalker! I wonder if you could make a low profile ornamental cover that would stick to it and make it temporarily non-magnetic and then be able to remove the cover for action. The One Ring. One ring to fool them all. That's got a ring to it!


Date 6/8/2020

How about the "Magnet Spot" one size fits most ring? That's being upfront as much as you can in the world of magic.


Date 6/8/2020

I like "Hidden Gem".........price is good.

Steven Stone

Date 6/8/2020

How about "The Ring-a-ding-ding Thing"

Kurt Trautmann

Date 6/8/2020

"Magnet Ring" is a little too bland for my taste...how about MagnaRing or PoweRing or maybe Stealth Ring? Since your clientele consists of magicians and this is a utility device, I don't see anything wrong with telling it like it is. I think that would be better than calling it something vague. Buyers who know what they are doing will know whether or not this is something they can use. I have a very similar ring I bought years ago. This one is superior in that the magnet is much smaller and less obvious, and the price point is great.

John C Carpenter

Date 6/9/2020

Zip Zapper.

Grandpa Chet

Date 6/9/2020

Kurt's "Stealth Ring" works for me. Easy to remember, and hopefully a little camouflage for those who MUST google every magic effect they see.

Roland Adams

Date 6/9/2020

I thought of stealth ring before I read other responses. Some of the others were goofy.

Hal Ottenstein

Date 6/11/2020

my suggestion would be the ...JUST STICK TO IT RING... i think that by that name it might also lead to intrigue from your customers to see more and with the ideas you give, it gets the thoughts going and you might get an order for the magnetic chop cup balls as well. To use a plastic cup is a great idea... also if you were able to drop a magnetic coin in an empty water bottle, the coin could be hidden behind the label and produced by just moving your finger away. Thanks Peter

harold oakley

Date 6/16/2020

Cling ring

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