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Posted by Peter Monticup on 10/12/2020 to We Need Your Opinion


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I am so happy to see one of my favorite multi-routine ready-to-go pocket effects back on the market after a dozen or so years.
This version is actually better quality than the original version, made just like a real credit card.
I still use my old card constantly when casually interacting with cashiers or secretaries, or just people who need a laugh in their day.
You have the option of performing five different "effects" with this one.
The selling price will probably be $18.99.
My supplier only had a few, so it won't be in the shop until my supply comes in.
Let me and Sideshow Steve show you the effects, and then using the Comments form below, please give me your opinion.


Date 10/13/2020
Shawn Allen
Those are some great effects with a handy little card. Save some time on getting predictions setup, but having it all in one place... nice little gimmick.
Date 10/13/2020
Gary AnelloMr. G
Cute, simple and multi-effect is certainly convenient!!
Date 10/14/2020
Gerard Brady
I really like how easy it is to perform these tricks. Just watched you do a few tricks with the credit card . Brilliant
Date 10/14/2020
Dale Dirkes
Cute, I do the Orange Kangaroos in Denmark bit as a warm-up for training sessions or business meetings. I like the added element of the credit card for close up.
Date 10/14/2020
Thanks everyone for your opinion. I've always had fun with the MagiCard. I was sorry when it went off the market a while back. But got a few now in stock and will have them up shortly. Peter
Date 10/28/2020
john stiles
I just ordered mine this is a great effect right out of the pocket really recommend this to anyone who does magic or strolling magic table to table etc it’s a winner

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