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Posted by Peter Monticup on 9/7/2020 to We Need Your Opinion


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I came up with this effect back in the late 1970s, and a longtime customer just reminded me about it.
It will be in a limited quantity, and it will come with the cards you need plus my online video instructions.
Because of the moves I developed, this is actually an easy trick to perform!
The selling price will probably be $9.99.
Let me show you the effect, and then using the Comments form below, please give me your feedback.


Date 9/8/2020
Kurt Wederquist
Looks like a great effect - I’m interested if you are selling it I’m buying it! Always fun to watch you my friend!
Date 9/8/2020
Joseph Attanasio
Of course you should offer it for sale. It's an excellent and entertaining bit of magic! Congratulations on its creation. Joe
Date 9/8/2020
I'm in!!
Date 9/8/2020
Wayne Lundeberg
Excellent - sign me up!
Date 9/8/2020
Mr. G.
Nice effect! Cost effective magic!
Date 9/8/2020
Enjoyed watching and would buy i, provided there no sleights for my arthritic 85 year old hands.
Date 9/8/2020
karl mount
WOW Im buying thank you Phil.
Date 9/8/2020
Mike Emerson
I'll buy it!
Date 9/8/2020
Great packet trick. I would buy it.
Date 9/12/2020
A tribute to your creative talents. I, too, am in. It is cost effective, entertaining and easy to carry.
Date 9/15/2020
REX Michael Thompson
Nice card trick and presentation.
Date 9/16/2020
Allan Crossan
That's great! if you run out of jokers, perhaps you can offer Jumping Jack with Jack of Spades and 10 of Hearts. Also, you can offer just the download in case someone already has the cards.
Date 9/20/2020
Deal me in!
Date 9/22/2020
Yea...let's have it ???????????
Date 10/22/2020
I want it
Date 10/22/2020
I want it

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