Need Your Opinion: Ultimate Double Color Changing Hot Rod

Posted by Peter Monticup on 5/31/2020 to We Need Your Opinion


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Customers are always asking for a double color change rod, and there hasn't been one on the market for a while.
This one is terrific- the sleek design makes it really smooth and easy to use.
The selling price will probably be $37.99.
Let me show you the ULTIMATE DOUBLE COLOR CHANGE HOT ROD, and then using the Comments form below, please tell me what you think.


Date 6/1/2020
I like the Hot Rod effect, and I have worked with both the plastic and brass models. I have just found the effect to be a little restrictive in it's application. But, if I owned a magic shop, I would tend to lean more toward the single phase change. The purchase price would be considerably less than the double change, and the general public(your audience) wouldn't know that a double change is possible anyway. There just isn't enough "bang for the buck" for a seasoned magician to spend almost $40.00 on this effect.
Date 6/3/2020
Ted Barrett
I like the Hot Rod effect, though the $38 price tag is a little steep. Given that it is so small I’d be concerned of misplacing or losing it. However, it offers a strong magical effect and with a ready audience of 17 grandchildren, if it were priced <$30, I’d definitely consider adding it to my magic collection. By the way, many thanks for the boredom buster tricks each week. The grandkids as well as fellow board members have thoroughly enjoyed them. Many, many thanks. Ted
Date 6/5/2020
Kurt Trautmann
I own quite a few Hot Rods, made of plastic, wood, and metal, but have never owned a double change one. This looks like it might be useful for strolling/restaurant work where different color choices would be desirable if spectators were likely to be close enough to see the trick repeated for others. I agree with other reviewers that the price tag is a bit much, but the workmanship required must be more involved than just putting dots on a stick, so I understand. Still, if you could get this out for $25-30 it would be more attractive. The slimmer profile is a definite plus for handling. Your paddle moves are great, but look even better with this rod.
Date 6/7/2020
harold oakley
yes add it

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