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This is a quick, colorful and portable trick that's simple to do, even while social distancing!

The selling price will probably be $4.99.
Let me show you the effect, and then using the Comments form below, please give me your feedback.


Wayne A. Lundeberg

Date 7/13/2020

I like it - Fun way to introduce anything using dice. Price point is fantastic. Let us know when you are going to have them. Hope you are well. Wayne

leo ferguson

Date 7/13/2020

Not adult, or magical enough for most audiences. Since children don't understand or play Craps, it's not good for them either. I would pass on this one.

george karl mount

Date 7/13/2020

i'm ready to buy.

James G Lipscomb

Date 7/13/2020

Nice effect, but I believe I spotted the trick as you were performing. And if I could spot it on the video, I think an observant spectator is less likely to be fooled if they were pretty close. (And you're patter gave a huge hint - to me, but it could pass unnoticed for someone not listening.) So I must regretfully agree with a commentator above, and I'd probably pass on this one for myself. However, I might pick it up as gift for someone getting into magic as a beginner.

Mr. G.

Date 7/14/2020

Cute and priced right!

Ted Barrett

Date 7/15/2020

Having 17 grandkids, I’m always looking for new tricks to dazzle them with. Being a kid’s trick, I personally feel the gambling theme would not be appropriate: I would not buy this one despite the great price.

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