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This is actually going to be a SERIES of Instant Downloads.
Each download will center around a different Card Control skill.
"Control Yourself"- get it?
Topics will include Advanced Double Lift, Bottom Deal, Second Deal, etc.
Each skill will be taught by teaching a trick that uses the skill.
You will learn the skill step-by-step, and at the same time, learn a routine that you can do that utilizes the skill.
The best way to understand is to watch this video.
The selling price will probably be $4.99 per download.
Let me show you a sample, and then using the Comments form below, please give me your ideas for skills that you would like me to teach you.


Shawn Allen

Date 9/15/2020

Great effect. I have only used that type of "control" in a different mentalism prediction by Max Maven. I like how you used that for elimination and forcing the card. That control is definitely worth learning, especially at that price. The topics you mention are good learning techniques. On your bonus videos and promotion ones for the items, I learn a lot of good ideas. I just have the trouble at being new to good card handling and advanced illusions coming up with or creating routines. What about card tricks with a combination of dice, like your "victory dice"? or just using regular dice.

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