**UPDATE** - we added the similar LEFT TURN ONLY trick to the shop!
LEFT TURN ONLY is like COMPASS, but less expensive!
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I often get samples of tricks sent to me by my suppliers, to see if I want to add them to the shop.
Starting now, I want to let YOU in on the selection process!

Here is a trick called COMPASS TRICK.
The selling price will be $7.99.
Let me show you the routine, and then using the Comments form below, please tell me what you think.
Should I add COMPASS TRICK to the shop?


Barbara Tilley

Date 4/12/2020

I love it!!!!! I would buy this.


Date 4/13/2020 4:52:19 PM

I like it I don’t love it kind of neat What possibly consider buying

Mike Minakawa

Date 4/13/2020 1:30:09 PM

Packs small works great. Good strolling magic gimmick. Will buy. Thank you for the magic tips at this time. You presented a lot of simple magic that I have forgotten. Can't wait until we get back to normal as I do a short magic gig at care homes and nursing homes with my church group. Thanks again Peter.

Nicholas Hrusovsky

Date 4/13/2020

I like it. It's simple but clever, and the trick is snappy enough the audience won't have time to figure out what's going on!

Bernie Amler

Date 4/13/2020

Old idea with a wonderful presentation that hides the method. Great trick to present to kids. Really worth the price.


Date 4/13/2020

I think it's a really neat trick. I would buy it and use it! I like the idea of having a video to teach me it instead of just a paper.

john louis

Date 4/13/2020

Yes, it is a better version than the arrow card. It could be used for a Christian magic show, (God always keeps us on track) or a character show (when you make the right decisions it will keep you on track).


Date 4/13/2020

Love your handling, I would buy this I like the which way compass trick

Robert Ball

Date 4/13/2020

This is a clever illusion type of trick, which is cool, and you should carry this.

Mr. G.

Date 4/13/2020

Cute and simple effect! Great for Stocking Stuffers too! Nice handling while explaining the effect. Would certainly add this to your inventory. It a quite a novelty item that would sell for sure, especially for new or young magicians!!

Neil Bable

Date 4/13/2020

I thought it is a very visually appealing trick. It looks well made and it could be used for walk around, a small family gathering it could even be given away to an older birthday child.

Bob Neal

Date 4/13/2020

A great trick. Looks easy to perform. Yes, I would buy it.

Theo Godlaski

Date 4/13/2020

I like it.

P. Dennis

Date 4/13/2020

Very nice handling!

D. Hall

Date 4/13/2020

Great new concept to the arrow card illusion. Good for kids to get them interactive With the magician. Loved your presentation of it. I myself would not need this, at this time, but still a great effect. I would say it would be a great addition to your inventory.

Ricky's Magic Tricks

Date 4/13/2020

I Love it and It's cool. I would buy this.

Roberta Karchner

Date 4/13/2020

I am not certain I would buy it at the price point of $7.99. Probably would consider it at under $5.

Mark Fox

Date 4/13/2020 9:31:17 PM

I agree. Nice trick but I would not buy it at $7.99.

Dick McCune aka Blathmac

Date 4/13/2020

I like how visual the trick is, I think it would be great in a street magic setting. I could see myself using a comedic patter about how directionally challenged I am. I would definitely buy it. It obviously wouldn't take up much space either.

Kurt Trautmann

Date 4/13/2020

Pete: this looks like a pretty nice variation on the arrow card, certainly better made than the cardboard versions. It would be nice to see a larger model for platform/parlor shows. I think a lot of novices might like this pocket version, and walk-around performers might find it useful as an ice-breaker. Go for it!

Wayne A. Lundeberg

Date 4/13/2020

Nice and simple item to carry with you. As others have mentioned, a larger version would be helpful for larger audiences. Worth 8 bucks for sure.

John Pearrell

Date 4/13/2020



Date 4/13/2020

I would buy one . Always looking for new material .


Date 4/13/2020

Hi, Peter--cute trick---I'd call it True North? (Yes, with the question mark). Price point seems a little high at $7.99. Thanks for the opportunity to review it and thanks for the great Boredom Busters--bringing some fun to these darker days!

Tom Bohacek

Date 4/13/2020

I like it, yes I would buy it. My only critique is that it needs some good patter. You need a story to go with it, almost any story will work, maybe about someone who is lost in the woods or some such thing, and only through magic does he find his way out. While it is totally confusing to the viewer, will it play as well for an on-site audience.

Bill McCorkle

Date 4/13/2020

Good simple opening trick -- simple but deceptive. But, end with it also, just to show that after time and laying on the table it's still good I'd buy it. Yes a little larger would be nice.

Bryan Kujawa

Date 4/13/2020

Hi Peter, thanks for asking our thoughts. I think it's a nice trick for beginners or kids show. I'm not too crazy about it. I like Bill McCorkle's comment where a larger version would be nice, but not sure if the handling would be the same.

John C Carpenter

Date 4/14/2020

Needs a good story to go with it. Maybe about some lost people in the woods, and how only one of them could work the compass or something.

Bruce Goldman

Date 4/14/2020

I like it. It's fast and mystic.


Date 4/14/2020

I guess this would be good for younger kids as it is a bit obvious as to what is going on. As others have said $5.00 would be about the max price.

Pretzel the magician

Date 4/14/2020

I perform a larger similar version of the trick at children’s parties and they enjoy. The smaller version would be good at events where you walk around the room. Seems more of a nice beginners trick.


Date 4/14/2020

I’m a pastor and often do magic for my children’s messages. The adults enjoy it even more than the kids. I’m always looking for something that could be used with a Christian twist and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. This trick offers what I look for. I could see using it to show how even when we go astray and do our own things and get lost Going this way and that, (flip it) Jesus always points the way. Sell it. I’ll buy it.

Mark Z

Date 4/14/2020

Interesting variation on the arrow trick that's been out for years. "MontiPoint" seems like it would be a good item to use for walk around as a quick intro to gauge if a group is receptive to another effect. Small enough to carry around in your pocket.


Date 4/16/2020

I would pass on this one just because it's not "me". Also, I agree with some, that the price is a little high. Not enough bang for the buck. I think this would sell a lot better in the $5 range. I think many more would buy at that price than at the $8 price. Remember, many people would be willing to spend the $5 just to see "how it works"!


Date 4/16/2020

Peter's presentation makes the trick. That with appropriate patter is the substance. With that in mind, a $5.00 price would be more suitable.

Ronald Christolear

Date 4/16/2020

I’m surprised by how much I like it. I would buy it.

Susie Roth

Date 4/17/2020

Yes, it is a good one!

Ken M.

Date 4/18/2020

This is a keeper. I like it.

William Norton

Date 4/20/2020

The "Compass Trick" is simple, easy to carry, a magic effect that can be performed at a moment's notice. The effect is entertaining, which is the key factor of any magic product. If offered for purchase, I would purchase the "Compass Trick"

Mark Alan

Date 4/20/2020

Was never a fan of the arrow trick I don't believe it's that Magical. Although this looks a lot better I would not be interested in it.. But I can see a beginner liking this a lot.. They would probably sell pretty good for you if they are cheap..

Len Squires

Date 4/21/2020

Excellent, Yes I would buy it - Why? 1) Excellent idea for the Pastor's routine, and 2) I don't like "paddle tricks," But this I'd do because it seems to be an optical Illusion. Hope you sell it, if you do, put me on your notice list. :)

Hal Ottenstein

Date 4/26/2020

As you know, I do primarily Gospel illusions...I agree with the $5 and under that many have said. I would use for the verse that says, "broad is the way that leads to destruction, but narrow is the way that leads to eternal life" each time it shows the same direction I would remind about the narrow way. Since it seems like a clock I would call it TIME MARCHES ON and if you do, you could use that to say speaking of marching, have you seen the trick FORWARD MARCH ?... check it out at the search bar above....just a thought

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