Need Your Opinion: Comedy Zipper Banana

Posted by Peter Monticup on 5/25/2020 to We Need Your Opinion

Thanks so much to everyone who shared their opinions on the CONTROL DICE, by the way.
Your comments really helped.
Look for CONTROL DICE in the shop now!

Ready to rate another product?
Here is an item called COMEDY ZIPPER BANANA.
It's a fun prop and very easy to carry in your magic case.
Even if you are not a clown, you probably have some comedy in your show.
Bananas are always funny!
The selling price will probably be $5.99.
Let me show you the COMEDY ZIPPER BANANA, and then using the Comments form below, please tell me what you think.
Should I add the COMEDY ZIPPER BANANA to the shop?


Date 5/25/2020
I find it a"pealing." I can see using it in my children's sermon. Good jokes.
Date 5/25/2020
Very cute. Audience members cannot be too young for this one. It has a lot of potential at a great price! Stock it.
Date 5/25/2020
Kurt Trautmann
At your price, this would be a steal for a cute kid-show prop. Your jokes are worth even more! Include a bonus video of joke suggestions and you've got a winner!
Date 5/25/2020
Mr. G.
Nice prop, and mostly for kid shows. Good price. Hope you have a ?bunch? of these on hand!!
Date 5/25/2020
James G Lipscomb
A nifty little gag item that would be great fun to "monkey" around with.
Date 5/28/2020
Grandpa Chet
If it looked more like a banana - at least when it's zipped up - it would be funny. Right now, it looks more like a corn husk made by Rubbermaid. (If such a thing exists. And if it doesn't, it should.) *jeep! and God Bless!
Date 6/11/2020
David C Troutman
Great prop for restaurant gigs, especially at places that are frequented by fun adults and kids. I say stock it! I'll definitely by one or two.

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