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Posted by Peter Monticup on 9/28/2020 to We Need Your Opinion


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This impressive triple color changing coin effect is precision made, easy to do, and packs a punch with a "clean" ending.
It will come with my step-by-step online video instruction, though you will be able to master it pretty quickly.
I am also going to share my techniques for making this coin retain its fresh look and its smooth operation, even through lots of use.
Those tips are NOT in the instructions from the manufacturer, but you'll get them in my online video.
Yes, this coin is an investment, but it's very well made, putting it in the higher echelon of coin effects.
The selling price will probably be $42.99.
It will be available in the shop next week.
Let me show you the effect, and then using the Comments form below, please give me your opinion.


Date 9/29/2020
Sivasailam Thiagarajan
I am sold! How do buy it?
Date 9/29/2020
Joe Attanasio
Love it. One observation: I would say that there are two color changes, not three. Coin starts out as black, changes to red (first change) then changes to blue (second change). There are 3 colors but 2 changes. Other than that minor observation, I think it's a winner.
Date 9/29/2020
I liked and I’m buying it
Date 9/29/2020
Benjamin Harris
Love it, but it's not listed as an item to buy.
Date 9/29/2020
Mr. G.
Very interesting trick. Glad you will carry it in your inventory. I am sure your bonus video will show even more for the added value of the purchase.
Date 9/29/2020
Roger Chico De Coster
The color changes are very visual making this a really nice coin trick to watch.
Date 9/29/2020
leo ferguson
Really nice, and I may purchase it. I know you will be doing this for other audiences, so you may want to change the patter a little bit. "YEN" is Japanese, not Chinese.
Date 9/30/2020
Shawn Allen
I like the illusion. Especially since it looks as if you are just spinning the coin, until you get to the finale. I think it is worth buying.

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