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A slightly advanced effect that will take some practice to learn the moves.
This will be an INSTANT ACCESS VIDEO- learn it and do it with any deck of cards.
The selling price will probably be $4.99.
Let me show you the effect, and then using the Comments form below, please give me your feedback.


John Nesbit

Date 8/10/2020

This is a great effect and looks like something Harry Lorraine or Braue would have come out with back in the day.

Mr. G.

Date 8/10/2020

Nicely done with a magical smoothness. I am sure this effect does need practice but the end result is great!!

Ethan Child

Date 8/10/2020

Love this effect! While I am able to reconstruct how you achieved it, I would still be interested in downloading so I could learn your exact handling. I think the principal move in this trick would have a lot of applications, and a video teaching your handling of that move alone is worth the download price. My one change I would make to the effect (hope this doesn't reveal too much) : the double backer finish is great, didn't see it coming when I watched. But I don't like that the prediction card doesn't end clean. I am wondering if there is a way to achieve this effect without the double backer, and have a final surprise on the face of the blue back. This would require finding an alternate way of executing the double lift. I'm not sure if this "surprise" card with a blue back could be loaded on the face of the deck or in the box somehow. At any rate, this is a great effect with some interesting concepts that could be applied in creating other effects! I'm interested.

Joseph Attanasio

Date 8/11/2020

The effect is one of those that can be considered a magical miracle. If it can be accomplished with a regular deck without gimmicks or additional props, then I say put it on your instant download offerings this instant. Joe


Date 8/30/2020

Nice effect and well worth the download price.

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