We make sure you get the best!

FACT: Nearly all of the magic tricks on the market today are made in India or China.

FACT: The factories making the tricks have lower quality standards than the American magic makers of yesteryear.

FACT: So- most magic tricks today need some attention BEFORE they are shipped to you!
(And other magic shops just ship the tricks out the way they come from the factories!)

Peter Monticup PERSONALLY inspects your tricks AND adjusts/fixes/paints/glues/tightens/loosens/etc. whatever needs tweaking so you will get tricks that work properly AND meet the standards of MagicTricks.com!
It's a service that no other shop provides!
Yes, it takes a LOT of time!
But we think you are worth it!


Lou Conti

Date 8/17/2021

Thanks for all you do.

Joseph Attanasio

Date 8/17/2021

I suspected that Peter did this and now I know for sure. What is so amazing about Peter (and Jackie) is that he (they) finds the time to do all that is done to make MagicTricks.com the impressive magic dealer that it is. From personally preparing tricks for shipment, to making demonstration and instructional videos, to inspecting tricks before sending them out and fixing them if necessary, to responding to customer emails, to doing who knows what else is done to make customers happy prompts this question: Does Peter (and Jackie) ever eat or sleep? Joe Attanasio

Mr. G.

Date 8/17/2021

Truly have learned to respect the MagicTricks.com team for presentation, explanation, demonstration and great customer service. They are a personable team that is reachable when needed. They both answer questions with ease and swiftness to explain or clarify a trick or other options. Very remarkable company that is very rare in todays market! May MagicTricks.com remain steadfast for a long time to come. Also thank you to all the demo participants in the demos over the years. Let's not forget all they did during the pandemic and still are!!! Sharing magic tricks with you and helped many cope with the confinements throughout the country and even the world! I am sure I speak for many but THANK YOU for all your efforts (including multi-instrumentalist segmens) and the many smiles you provided!!!

Frankie Botelho

Date 8/17/2021

Thanks Peter, Jackie and the crew......enjoy your products, Your take on many of the illusion you sell.Your videos and web-site are tremendous. Thanks again for the super service and advise....FrankieB

Shawn Allen

Date 8/18/2021

Thank you Peter, Jackie and everyone else behind the scenes. I really do appreciate the demo's, the checking of the items, the fast service and everything you guys do. ~Shawn

Russell Younger

Date 8/27/2021

Peter, even though we have never Met in person I have been a customer of yours for quite some time. You have always provided great quality magic and went over and beyond to ensure your customers are satisfied ! I have had some orders that need to be changed or added and you have always responded in a quick manner and always in the interest of your customers. I just want to let everyone know that if you are buying from magic tricks.com you are dealing with someone who cares about customer satisfaction and will always respond to your concerns! Thank you Peter and if you and your wife are ever in Florida please contact us as I would enjoy meeting you and sharing some of our magical knowledge! Russ Younger


Date 2/8/2022

I have a question, who was your favorite magician growing up. Mine was Mark Wilson, loved his TV show. Thanks for all you do and love the demo's, they are fantastic!!!

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