We make sure you get the best!

FACT: Nearly all of the magic tricks on the market today are made in India or China.

FACT: The factories making the tricks have lower quality standards than the American magic makers of yesteryear.

FACT: So- most magic tricks today need some attention BEFORE they are shipped to you!
(And other magic shops just ship the tricks out the way they come from the factories!)

Peter Monticup PERSONALLY inspects your tricks AND adjusts/fixes/paints/glues/tightens/loosens/etc. whatever needs tweaking so you will get tricks that work properly AND meet the standards of MagicTricks.com!
It's a service that no other shop provides!
Yes, it takes a LOT of time!
But we think you are worth it!


Lou Conti

Date 8/17/2021

Joseph Attanasio

Date 8/17/2021

Mr. G.

Date 8/17/2021

Frankie Botelho

Date 8/17/2021

Shawn Allen

Date 8/18/2021

Russell Younger

Date 8/27/2021


Date 2/8/2022

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