Odd Ball
Pull a string through a ball, a box- and your spectator's finger!

Odd Ball


Pull a string through a ball, a box- and your spectator's finger!


Ages 7 and up   Level 2

Can you tie your shoe? Then you can do this amazing trick!

So easy- if you can tie the strings, you can do the trick!

Two cords are threaded through a ball.
The ball is placed into a plastic case, with the cords extending out of the box through holes on the sides.
The spectator holds the box, and the cords that are running through the ball are also tied around the box and around the spectator's finger.
At your command, the cords pass right through the ball AND the box AND the spectator's own finger!

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD. Do not put the ball in your mouth. Not suitable for children under 5 years of age.

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Odd ball
I bought this and it took me a little bit to figure out but it really fools people and its a small set up. I have done it with little 6 or 5 year old and they were so confused and i do it to adults and they get confused. Awesome trick
  4  4 
Reviewed by:   from UT. on 3/17/2016
Greatly improved from former version. New strings are thinner and brighter color. My old one would not go thru ball which is rough and burred on the inside so I worked on it with sandpaper for awhile. Did not have to do that with this version. This one was perfect.
  4  4 
Reviewed by:   from FL. on 7/13/2015
Front Desk Manager
While this is not my go-to trick at the desk, I love the reaction it gets. Everybody, weather young or old, will wince right before the strings are pulled. And then all are amazed afterward. So simple Management can do it! LOL
  3  3 
Reviewed by:   from PA. on 2/4/2016
This trick is absolutely perfect. It has everything a good trick should. Your spectator will have fun helping with this one and it requires very little setup before hand. It's fun and easy and best of all after you perform this trick it is 100% inspectable.
  3  3 
Reviewed by:   from ME. on 6/26/2015
transmorgification made simple with Odd Ball
This simple effect is remarkable, as it is easy to do, brief and to the point, and a visual miracle in a small package
  3  3 
Reviewed by:   from KY. on 1/2/2015
One of my favorite tricks as a kid and I still perform today. Little bit of set up, but super easy to do and solid audience reaction!
Reviewed by:  from WI. on 12/3/2016
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