Object Vanishing Cloth - Strong
Place an object inside the cloth- the object vanishes!

Object Vanishing Cloth - Strong


Heavy duty cloth makes your object vanish or appear!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Easy way to make an object vanish or appear!


This bag is made of heavier duty cloth-
Great for slightly heavier items, like a full deck of cards, a wristwatch, etc.!

After showing both sides of this magical cloth, hold the four corners of the cloth together in your hand to form a loose bag.
Drop an object into the "bag", like a borrowed wristwatch for example.
Instantly let go of two of the corners of the cloth so the cloth "bag" falls open-
The bag is empty! The object has vanished!

Ingeniously designed heavy duty cloth allows objects placed inside to visibly vanish.
Special non-sag feature sewn in to the cloth prevents exposure of the gimmick.
Extremely easy to do!
If you can place an object into the bag and hold on to the corners, you can do this trick!

This trick used to be called the Devil's Napkin, but we like the new name better!

The color of the cloth you get may vary from what you see in the photo and video above.
The manufacturer uses various cloths to make this item- we ship what we get.

Made of a synthetic heavy cotton type material.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Object Vanishing Cloth- Strong
  • printed instructions

You supply the object to be vanished.
Items shown in photo with cloth are not included.

TIP: Obviously the item merely LOOKS like it has vanished- it's still in the bag.
An object which is too heavy may make the bag droop more with their weight.
Really fat objects, like a big round ball, may make the bag look full.
We recommend using items like sponges, flowers, scarves, empty candy containers, and even a full deck of cards will work.
Use these, or use your own item that is similar in weight and size to what we've suggested.

This is the same trick with different packaging.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

You can also use this cloth to switch items. Start with one item already secretly in the bag, drop the borrowed item into the bag, and remove the first item instead.

Rewards Points

Buy this item - get 10 Rewards Points!

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