SOLD Nine Tricks Magic Grab Bag - PREOWNED

SOLD Nine Tricks Magic Grab Bag - PREOWNED


Grab bag assortment of NINE great closeup magic tricks!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2



Great assortment of unusual closeup magic tricks!
A couple of these items haven't been available for many years!

From the estate collection of an amateur magician who took really good care of his props!


  • Scientific Rope
    Vanish a knot, cut and restore the rope, and more!
    includes the rope, the original envelope package, and instructions.
    Condition: used but good. It is sealed in plastic, probably done in the late 1990s, so we can't examine the rope.

  • Sealed pack of Bicycle brand dice
    Regular 1/2" dice still in original package
    Condition: new in package. Package shows slight wear and some bends.

  • Mesh Egg Bag
    Vanish and produce an egg (not included) or silks or a playing card!
    includes the mesh bag and instructions.
    Condition: used but very good. Bag has a nice black velveteen backing. Size is about 7.5" x 8.5".

  • Rope Magnets- set of 4
    Cylindrical magnets fit inside ordinary ropes to make the ends of the rope magnetic, as for Linking Ropes, etc.
    These magnets are pretty strong!
    includes the magnets ONLY- no instructions.
    Condition: look like they were never used. Magnets are dark silver color, about 7/8" long and 3/32" diameter.

  • Daryl's Cardboard Chameleons
    Advanced color changing and value changing card routine!
    includes the special cards, a card wallet, a deck of red Aviator cards, and instructions.
    Condition: used but good.

  • Plastic Coin Coaster
    Instantly make a quarter appear inside a glass- NO SKILL!
    includes the coaster, and instructions.
    Glass and coin are NOT included.
    Half dollar shown in photo for size reference only.
    About 3" diameter.
    Condition: used but good.

  • Bicycle Brainwave Deck
    Spectator's card is face-up in a face-down deck, with a different color back!
    includes the deck, and instructions.
    Condition: used but very good.

  • Paper Hat Tears
    Turn ripped up paper into a black and orange hat for the spectator!
    includes NINE hat tears, and instructions.
    Condition: never used, but outside paper looks a little faded and spotted with age.

  • Jumbo Buddha Money Mystery
    Fold any coins into the magic papers, and the coins vanish, then reappear!
    includes the folding papers set, and instructions.
    Condition: used, and outside blue paper has some stains but inside papers are very good.
    This is large- the outside paper measures about 3.25" x 6" when folded.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • assortment of NINE magic tricks (see details in product description above)

CONDITION: all are used items- see details in product description above

Rewards Points

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