Niffen Tube - PREOWNED
Changes one thing into another!

Niffen Tube - PREOWNED


Changes one thing into another!




This is the hard to find slim model that easily fits into a pocket!

A Niffen Tube is a clever switching device.
Made with caps on both ends, the tube secretly slides even with one end or the other.
Of course, the spectator sees a tube that has only one cap end.
By placing an item (say a red silk) into the tube, and closing the cap, the performer can secretly push the tube so that when he opens the cap, he is opening the OTHER side.
And this other side holds a different item, say a blue silk.
So the effect is that the spectator sees a red silk go into the tube, and a blue silk come out!

This tube comes from the collection of a professional magician who used this item very gently, and took great care of his props!

CONDITION: used, very good, needs polishing.
Tube is made of metal. About 6" high and 1.5" diameter.
NO instructions, though the operation is pretty easy to figure out.

Click to see a larger photo of the tube.

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