Newspaper Livestock Dove Vanish
Vanish a dove, then punch out the box sides- the dove is really gone!

Newspaper Livestock Dove Vanish


Vanish a live dove, then punch out the sides of the box to prove the dove is really gone!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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WARNING: Disclaimer
I assume full responsibility for the safety of my live animal



One of the most deceptive ways to vanish a live animal- ever!

Best of all, you don't need an assistant!
Place your live dove inside this box constructed of newspaper.
Make a magic pass (that's always expected!) and then start taking the box apart, by removing the lid and then all four side panels.
The bird is GONE!

But what makes this vanish really different is that as you remove the lid and the sides, you PUNCH a hole right through the newspaper on each panel and hang each piece on your arm like bracelets.
There is NO WAY the dove could be hidden by the panels!
So where did your bird go??

The Newspaper Livestock Vanish Box is a clever wooden box with frame-like sides made to hold ordinary newspaper.
The newspaper is real- it is destroyed during each trick, and then you just easily replace it for the next performance.
This ingenious box is specially made to safely and securely hold a small live animal like a dove or guinea pig.

You can do this one with or without an assistant, and it is very simple to do!

Comes with the wooden box and printed instructions.
Live animal NOT included.
You supply the ordinary newspaper.

You can also use a spring animal puppet like Robbie Raccoon, Sammy Skunk or Tricky Fox.
If you do use a live animal, please do not leave your animal confined in this box or any other box for more than a few minutes.

CAUTION! Disclaimer:

When you purchase this item, you agree that you will assume full responsibility for handling both the prop and your animal in a safe manner.
By purchasing this item, you agree not to hold responsible for the safety of your animal.
If you have ANY questions about the safe operation of this prop, please contact us BEFORE using it.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Newspaper Livestock Vanish box
  • printed instructions

You supply the animal or item to be vanished.
You supply an ordinary newspaper.

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