Wand for Needle Thru Balloon
Lubricate, safely store your Balloon Needle in this magician's wand!

Wand for Needle Thru Balloon


Lubricate and safely store your Balloon Needle in this magician's wand!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

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Protect your needle- and yourself!


The needle used for the Needle Thru Balloon trick must remain sharp and free of "burrs" (nicks or tip bends).
It is important that you protect the needle during transportation to your shows, and when you are storing it.
Of course, it is also important to protect yourself from accidentally sticking yourself on the needle tip.

The Needle Thru Balloon Wand is your perfect solution.
It gives you a safe place to store your wand when carrying it to a show, or packing it away with your props.
And it also lets you lubricate the needle with a thin coat of lubricating material, such as Vaseline.
The lubrication greatly helps in letting the needle slide smoothly into the surface of the balloon without causing unnecessary friction.
Friction may cause the balloon to pop before you want it to.

Of course, the wand can do triple duty for you-
as storage, as lubrication and also use the wand as a regular magicians wand during your show!

BONUS! Our FREE video below gives you valuable handling tips for the Needle Thru Balloon!
We share some really helpful information that will make you successful with this trick.
If you don't know these insider tips, the trick may not work properly.
We're the only shop that gives you this information, and it's FREE!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • wand with inside channel for storing the Needle
  • printed instructions
  • BONUS: video lesson on How To Care for your Needle Thru Balloon (in the TIPS section)

This is the Wand ONLY.
You can purchase the Needle Thru Balloon trick from MagicTricks.com.
You can purchase more clear balloons from MagicTricks.com.
Wand is slightly shorter than the Needle (so you can grasp the end of the needle to easily remove it from the wand).
Wand comes loaded with your initial supply of lubricant.
It is easy to replace the lubricant yourself as you use it.

Tips & Ideas

Care Tips:

You can replace the lubricating material that comes preloaded in the wand. Simply apply a layer of gel lubricant (like Vaseline petroleum jelly) to the needle, then slide the needle into the wand, and the lubricant will now be coating the inside of the wand. When you next use the needle in your trick, any lubricant that is on the needle will rub off onto the balloon, drying the needle. When you put the dry needle back in the wand, some of the lubricant from inside the wand will get on the needle, coating it properly again.

How To Handle and Store Your Needle Thru Balloon:

Here is a FREE video lesson to teach you how to handle and store your Needle Thru Balloon. If you don't handle it properly, it won't work!
Nobody else bothers to give you this information- but we do!

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