SOLD Nails Thru Cigarette Pack *PREOWNED*

SOLD Nails Thru Cigarette Pack *PREOWNED*


Drive three nails through a cigarette pack without leaving holes!






Here is an odd one!
Very well made, but apparently not ever in wide distribution, as we have never seen this before.
This particular trick was purchased in the 1970s from Ron Allesi, a vintage magic dealer.
So it was old then!

We were not able to locate any of these currently for sale on the Internet.

A cigarette themed trick with a message!

A pack of Winston cigarettes is wrapped in plain paper or newspaper.
Three solid metal nails are poked right through the paper and the pack, making obvious holes.
Yet when the nails are removed, and the pack is unwrapped from the paper-
the cigarette pack has no holes in it!

This is collectible because it's well made, it's unusual, and it is cigarette-themed.

Cigarette pack, three nails and reprinted instructions.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Nailed (Winston cigarette pack, nails)
  • reprinted instructions (not original)

CONDITION: used, very good condition.
Some minor scratches on the pack.
Nails are ordinary metal nails, so you could probably use any ones.
Instructions are reprinted- original instructions were lost.

No original outer packaging.
Cigarette pack looks to be the standard size for Winston cigarettes.
We don't smoke, so we can't compare them to the real thing.

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