Multitasking At Lunch

Posted by Peter Monticup on 2/1/2021 to My Life In Magic

You ask how we get so much done, between running the daily business of the magic shop, talking to customers, making videos, practicing instruments, tending the animals, mowing/snow plowing and everything else.
Here, Peter paints while he has lunch!


Date 2/2/2021
Joe Attanasio
Yes, Peter does work hard, but it is clear that Jackie and Peter are a special couple! Such wonderful role models of a supportive partnership..
Date 2/2/2021
Mr. G.
Amen to Joes comment!!
Date 2/2/2021
Mr. G.
Very interesting art work. Seems to come natural to you. During the clip you mentioned that you can wrote and speak Japanese and Chinese! Very difficult languages to learn. How did that come about, please share.... One other thought, why not consider a tour of your magic shop/warehouse and the process of filling orders. Just a thought for a future video.

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