Multiplying Coin Tray
Instantly multiply ordinary coins- right into their hands!

Multiplying Coin Tray


Instantly multiply ordinary coins- right into their hands!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

The magic happens right in their hands!

Everyone likes to see money appear from nowhere!

This one happens instantly!
If you can hold the tray, you can do the trick!

Simply place a few coins on the tray.
These can even be borrowed coins!
Make sure that your spectator has counted the coins before you begin.
Because when you dump the coins into his hand- the coins have MULTIPLIED!
There are MORE coins than when you started!

The coins are ordinary coins!
You can turn three dimes into a pile of dimes!
You can have three nickels change to three nickels and three dimes!

And more!
How's THAT for amazing!

Please note: your tray may be red, blue or green, depending on our current stock.

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