Mountain Of Coins
A pile of coins at your comman!

Mountain Of Coins


A pile of coins at your command!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

BIG pile of shiny metal coins!


Wish you had a pile of money?
Here you go!

End a coin trick by producing a pile of shiny coins as a surprise finale!
Use your hand, or a production box or bag.
Hide the pile under another item or cloth, then reveal the coins at the end.
Or as Peter does in the demo video, produce the coin pile, and then "pluck" a single coin from the pile (if you know a simple coin palming technique).
Or use the Mountain Of Coins as a paperweight on your office desk- it's a conversation starter!
It's limited only by your imagination!

The Mountain of Coins is a big 3.6" in diameter, and looks like a random pile of fantasy silver coins.
The coin mountain is made of shiny coated metal.
These coins will NOT stick to a magnet.
The coins do not separate- this is one single hunk of metal.

Metal coin pile only- no routines or instructions are included.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Mountain Of Coins

You supply the trick or routine.

These coins are not real currency.
They are fantasy coins- they look a bit like foreign coins.
Coin pile is made of coated silver colored metal.
This coin pile WILL NOT stick to a magnet.
Coin pile is about 3.5" in diameter.
Coin pile is solid metal, and has a bit of weight to it.

Rewards Points

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