Moonglow Zombie Floating Ball
Control the silver ball as it floats around in front of you!

Moonglow Zombie Floating Ball


Control the silver ball as it floats around in front of you!


Ages 13 and up   Level 3

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Add a Zombie Cloth?
Yes [+$9.99]

Demo Video

LIMITED QUANTITY! Only 3 available!


This wonderful compact version of the Zombie Floating Ball is not being made anymore!
We scooped up the last few that Ickle Pickle had in stock.

A wonderful compact version of a classic magic effect!
The legendary Floating Ball!

A silver sphere appears to float up from behind a cloth held with both your hands in view!
A showstopper!
This is the highlight of so many professional acts, and for good reason.
It's stunning!

The Moonglow Zombie is a slightly smaller version of the classic Zombie Floating Ball.
What makes it stand out is the amazing spun satin finish it has- it really catches the light!
Of course, you can do all the typical Zombie moves with this one.


Miracle Ball
A smaller, lighter, less expensive version of the Zombie that is especially great for kids.
Some magicians purchase a Miracle Ball as the perfect ball to practice with.

You will need a cloth.
You can purchase a ZOMBIE CLOTH below, or use your own square non-see-through cloth (24" to 36" is a good size).

About Ickle Pickle Spun Aluminum Products

For decades, magician Steve Bender and his company, Ickle Pickle Magic, manufactured hundreds of innovative magic effects.
Among their best products were the world class spun aluminum effects, like their Lota Bowl and Zombie Ball.
Recently, Steve retired and sold his business to another enthusiastic magic entrepreneur.
At the same time, Ickle Pickle's metal engineer retired, the man responsible for manufacturing those spun aluminum pieces.
Many Ickle Pickle products will still be available, BUT THE SPUN ALUMINUM EFFECTS ARE NO LONGER BEING MADE.
We purchased all of their remaining spun aluminum inventory.
We have VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES of these items.
This product is one of those limited Ickle Pickle effects.
When we sell out- this item is GONE!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Moonglow Zombie Ball
  • special gimmick
  • ball stand
  • printed instructions

You can purchase a ZOMBIE CLOTH from, or use your own 36" square NON SEE THRU cloth.

The ball is made of satin finish polished aluminum.
The ball is about 4" in diameter.
The stand is made of polished aluminum.
The stand is about 4" in diameter at the base, and about 2.25" tall.

Rewards Points

Buy this item - get 75 Rewards Points!

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