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Mons Adrian

Magician, Ventriloquist and Plate Spinner

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  • ?-?
  • Real Name: Victor de Lille
  • Birthday: ?
  • Birthplace: France
  • Buried: ?

[Also spelled "Mons Adrien"] French magician, ventriloquist and plate spinner who was popular in mid-1800s America. He was part of a performing family that included his father, Adrien DeLille (performing as Adrean Goujon), his son Adrian deLille and his daughter Louise deLille.

From records, it is known that he played Philadelphia in 1836. He had an especially enthusiastic following in upstate New York. From 1841 though the mid 1850s, newspapers in Fulton County NY printed numerous stories about his wonderful shows.

Apparently, Mons. Adrian was one of the most successful 19th century travelling magicians. In the May 10, 1851 issue of the Peoples Press (Salem, NC), a reporter noted, "The following is a list of what each [magician] made ... Mons. Adrian, the French magician, $20,000". That's $588,200 in today's money!


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