Money Paddle
Make real money appear on a wooden paddle!

Money Paddle


Make real money appear on a wooden paddle!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Custom made paddle will become your favorite effect!

Everybody likes tricks where money magically appears!

Show a long wooden paddle with three rubber bands around it.
With a shake, you can make coins appear, multiply, and change into a dollar bill.
This one even has a surprise ending (see the video)!

The Money Paddle is done using the Paddle Move, an easy skill that is explained in the instructions, and does require a bit of practice to make it look convincing.
It's well worth the effort to learn, though, as there are many tricks that also work using this move.

A exclusive!
These nicely finished wooden paddles were custom made for owner Peter Monticup.
His 50+ years of magic experience went into designing a paddle with PRECISELY the right weight, PRECISELY the right handle shape.
Peter also added a bit of cushioned tape to the handle, to make it super easy for you to operate.
These are not available anywhere else

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