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Molly the Chihuahua

Molly the Chihuahua

Molly Plays Sports!

Molly the Chihuahua is the official athlete dog at

Molly is a rescue dog and was born in 2009. Her slight underbite makes it look like she has lips, and she is very proud of that! Molly is a tomboy- she loves to play any rough game, and is very competitive. Her favorite sport is playing Frisbee, and her favorite snack is whipped cream. And she is Peter's shadow- she even sits on his chair with him all day at work. Next time you call, ask to speak with Molly!

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Molly stars in several product demonstration videos.

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Molly loves Frisbee
Molly loves to play Frisbee!
Molly loves the snow
Molly loves the snow
Molly takes a drink
Molly has a special drink bottle
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