Mixed Up Card Frame
Photo of a card pile changes to show only the chosen card!

Mixed Up Card Frame


Photo of a card pile changes to show one card turned over- the chosen card!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

If you want to stun them- this is the trick!

Here is a really different kind of card trick- and one that will leave them shaking their heads in disbelief! It is startling!

Let your spectator cut to a card in the deck. Then show everyone a PHOTO of a pile of scattered playing cards, one side of the photo shows the backs, and the other side the fronts of the cards.

Let your spectator pick up the card he cut to, and let him look at it and show any other spectators. Then show everyone the photo again- IT HAS CHANGED! On one side, the photo shows the pile of face-up cards- but now one of the cards is face down! When you turn the photo around so everyone can see the other side- they see the pile of face down cards- and the spectator's chosen card is on the pile, face up!

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