Misers Dream Tray
Instantly produce or multiply half dollar coins!

Misers Dream Tray


Instantly produce or multiply half dollar coins!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Another warehouse find!

Sideshow Steve has done it again!
He found a handful of these great trays hidden and forgotten in the back of a warehouse, at at terrific price!
And we can pass the savings on to you!

But there are only a few- and when they are gone, they're GONE!

Coins that appear from nowhere! NO SKILL NEEDED!

The Misers Dream effect is a true classic in magic.
This tray is specially built to hold up to TWELVE ordinary US half dollar coins.

Produce the coins one by one, seemingly from your bare hands, as Peter Monticup does in the demo video above.

Or- Produce six coins this way, drop them onto the tray, then dump the coins into your spectator's hand- he will be holding TWELVE coins!

Whatever routine you choose, this tray is designed to help you secretly deliver up to twelve coins, seemingly from nowhere.

Please note: these trays are NEW, but they have been in storage for a while.
Please expect minor cosmetic blemishes to the wood finish from being in storage for a period of time.
Each tray has been inspected, and is in working order.

Tray is made of wood with a black felt lined surface.
Size is approximately 9.75" x 7.5".

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