Miniature Nickels - Set of 4
Miniature nickels! Really small! Set of FOUR coins!

Miniature Nickels - Set of 4


Miniature metal nickels! Really small!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1


These novelty miniature coins have so many magical possibilities!
Perfect for using with the Nickels To Dimes trick!
You can turn four nickels into four MINI nickels!

End a coin trick by producing a mini coin as a surprise finale!
It's a conversation starter! It's limited only by your imagination!

Each coin is a tiny 0.3" in diameter, and is molded from a real U.S. nickel.
The coins are silver color solid metal.

The photo above shows the size of the mini nickels in relation to a real nickel.

Coins only- no routines or instructions are included.

We also carry JUMBO coins!

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