SOLD Small Milk Pitcher PREOWNED

SOLD Small Milk Pitcher PREOWNED


Compact size pitcher vanishes the milk!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2



LIKE NEW Milk Pitcher in the hard-to-find COMPACT size!
This one will easily fit in your transport case!
Same strong impact as the larger version, but more convenient to pack!

Show your audience a small pitcher FILLED with milk.
Form an ordinary newspaper into a cone while talking about evaporation of liquids by magic.
Your audience watches in amazement as you pour nearly the entire pitcher of milk into the cone.
Wait a minute- why doesn't the milk seep right through the paper??

If that's not amazing enough, when you crumble up the paper cone into a ball, apparently with the milk inside- the milk has VANISHED and the paper is dry!
This gets a strong reaction every time!

Another idea- pour the milk into the paper cone, but when you quickly fling the cone open, out comes a shower of confetti!
Your audience will love the surprise!

Nice compact size. About 6" high.
Approximately 10-ounce capacity.
Made of high-impact plastic.
Best of all- it's completely self-contained!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Small Milk Pitcher PREOWNED
  • printed instructions

You supply the liquid.

This pitcher is PLASTIC.
About 6" high.
Holds about 10 ounces of liquid.

CONDITION: gently used- looks brand new.

Tips & Ideas

Care Tips For the Milk Pitcher:

  • Keep it clean!
    Make sure to thoroughly rinse and dry the Milk Pitcher as soon as possible after each use.
    DO NOT use a regular scrubbing pad or any type of abrasive cleanser on the plastic, as it will cause scratches and make the pitcher look cloudy.
    The most effective and safe way to clean the pitcher is with a product called SCRUB DADDY.
    SCRUB DADDY is an amazing sponge that transforms from a stiff scrubber into a soft sponge simply by changing the water temperature.
    First use it cold, with a dish detergent like DAWN, and lightly scrub down the pitcher.
    Then put the sponge in hot water, get it soft, and wipe away all the soap residue.
    Then rinse it well.
    SCRUB DADDY does not scratch the plastic, but does get it nice and clean.
    (We are not affiliated with SCRUB DADDY- we're just happy customers!)

  • Don't use real milk.
    You probably should not use regular cow's milk with this routine, as milk can spoil and because of the fat content, can be difficult to rinse out of the pitcher. Here are some options:
    • Option 1: Use soy milk, which does not spoil and can be sipped during the routine to prove that it's real milk.
    • Option 2: Mix up some powdered milk just before showtime. Again, the milk can be sipped, and it is easy to transport because you keep it in powdered form until you use it.
    • Option 3: NOT RECOMMENDED to use the solution marketed as OOM. This is concentrated machinist's cutting oil which, when mixed with water, turns the water a milky color. It's not suitable to be ingested! It also has a strong smell; your audience will know it's not real milk, and will mistakenly think that the trick works by using some sort of fake milk. Plus the oil will cause your pitcher to discolor over time. Not good!
    • Option 4: Use water colored with food coloring.

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