Midnight Magic Rising Wand
Make magic happen with this matte black wand that does tricks!

Midnight Magic Rising Wand


Vintage style magic wand that does tricks!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

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RED 9" Silk [+$1.99]

Demo Video

The popular trick magic wand- in a stunning ALL MATTE BLACK version!


This is the style wand used by the famous early 20th century magicians!
ALL MATTE BLACK, from tip to tip!

Not just a professional magician's wand- this one helps you perform some clever tricks!

Many magicians' wands are the usual black wand with white tips.
THIS wand is modeled after the totally black wands favored by Alexander Herrmann, Horace Goldin, Lafayette and Chung Ling Soo.
Made of plastic so it's economical, but the matte black finish is very nice to handle and looks absolutely stunning!

Make the wand magically rise in your hand!
Just hold the wand and it moves by itself in your hand.
Make it move slowly or quickly- you are secretly in control!
Make it move up by itself, or toward you and away from the spectator.
Just like Peter shows you in the demo video!

Make a silk instantly appear from thin air!
Point the wand anywhere, and INSTANTLY a silk scarf appears at the tip of the wand!

Make the wand stick to your hand!
This one's easy- just hold your wand in your left hand.
With your right hand, grasp your left wrist.
Secretly point your index finger, and let it hold the wand against your left palm.
With the back of your left hand facing the audience, slowly open the fingers of your left hand, the hand with the wand in it.
To the audience, it looks like the wand is sticking to your open hand!
Of course, the index finger of your right hand is what is holding the wand.
So EASY to do!

Use it as a Magician's Misdirection tool!
And, of course, you can use this wand to make a magical wave over a trick, or with Cups and Balls to steal a ball, etc.

Every magician needs a wand- get a wand that actually performs tricks!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Midnight Magic Rising Wand
  • printed instructions

You supply the small silk (or buy one from us).
Wand is made of heavyweight matte finish black plastic.
Entire wand is matte black color.
About 14.75" long.

Rewards Points

Buy this item - get 5 Rewards Points!

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