A message from Monticup:

We all need a little magic right now.
Something to occupy our minds, something to relieve that boredom.

I truly appreciate that you have come to my shop.

I am the owner of MagicTricks.com.
I have been in this business for over 50 years, and I have seen the power of magic at work.
A good magic trick can make you laugh, can amaze you, or it can help you forget stress for a while and just enjoy yourself.
Even better, it can help you amuse your family members too.

With that in mind, I have come up with a few ideas.
A few things to offer you:


BOREDOM BUSTERS are free online magic tricks you can learn RIGHT NOW.
These tricks use common items you have around the house- rope, cards, pencils, etc.
For each one, I'll first demonstrate the trick, then teach you on the video how to do it yourself.
It's easy to learn when someone shows you! :-)
More and more tricks will be added each week!
Click here to see the BOREDOM BUSTERS!


VIDEO STORIES is a video series all about my life in magic.
You've asked me about how I got started in magic, what are the funniest and most bizarre things that have happened during my shows, who are some of the famous celebrities I've met, etc.
Well, join me in my home, just like you were visiting me, and let me tell you some wild tales!
Plus, I'll show you some of the rare items and antique magic tricks in my collection.
Several installments will be added each week.
It's a great way to "get out of the house"!
Click here to see the VIDEO STORIES!


If you are looking to purchase some magic tricks from us, now is a great time.
Shipping is FREE for orders over $30!
And for orders under $30, it's only $5.99.
We are right on schedule shipping packages daily by U.S. Mail.
And we sincerely appreciate your business.


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