McCombical Deck Set
Match your spectator's chosen card- under impossible conditions!

McCombical Deck Set


Match your spectator's chosen card- under impossible conditions!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

You'll surprise them with this ending!


The McCombical Deck trick uses two Bicycle decks- a RED one and a BLUE one.
You start by making a prediction of the card you think your spectator will choose.
You remove the prediction card from the RED deck and place it face down in plain view.

Next, you let the spectator make a selection from the BLUE deck.
You mention that you hope it will match your prediction.
You pick up the BLUE deck and show the audience the faces of the cards.
The audience can see the cards (your spectator cannot see them)- and they see that ALL THE CARDS IN THE BLUE DECK ARE THE SAME!
You've apparently rigged the trick- and apparently your spectator has no choice!

Fully confident that you have made a match, you turn over the spectator's card.
But wait! It's NOT one of those identical cards from the BLUE deck!
It's a different card!
How did THAT happen?
And now it apparently won't match your prediction!
You are a magician in trouble!

But you ARE a magician, right?
You pick up your prediction card- and it MATCHES that card selected by the spectator after all!

Not only is this a hilarious routine, it's quite astounding magic as well.
You'll get a lot of mileage out of this one!

Best of all- IT'S EASY!
Yes, if you can spread out a deck of cards, you can do the trick!
The deck does all the work, and you get all the applause!

These are Poker size Bicycle decks.

Special thanks to our friend, magician and legendary radio personality Lou Dean, for helping us demonstrate this effect.

Guaranteed First Quality!
You're protected when you buy from!
These are official FIRST QUALITY Poker size cards from U.S. Playing Card Co.
SO BEWARE! If you see Bicycle Brand cards at a cheap price elsewhere, they may be factory "seconds"!
Those cards were cut or printed a bit crooked, and did not pass quality control, which is why they are cheaper.
You get what you pay for!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • McCombical Deck trick (set of two decks)
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!
These cards are Poker size, with the official Bicycle back design.

More Video

History and Trivia:

The McCombical Deck was developed by the legendary comedy magician Billy McComb.

Interested in magic history?
Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

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