Matching Matchboxes Deluxe
One matchbox imitates the other- by itself!

Matching Matchboxes Deluxe


One matchbox imitates the other- by itself! DELUXE VERSION


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

A most INCREDIBLE and AMAZING pocket trick!

They definitely will not believe their eyes- yet it's SO EASY to do!

This is a fun effect!
Show your spectator a pair of matching matchboxes.
Open the drawer on one of the boxes.
Now, when you push that drawer closed, the drawer on the OTHER box OPENS BY ITSELF!
Do this again and again- every time you push on an open drawer to close it, the drawer on the OTHER box opens!

And here's more magic:
Place the boxes next to each other, and separate them by a playing card.
Again, when you close one drawer, the other drawer pops open!

And this is the DELUXE version!
Don't be fooled by cheaper prices elsewhere!
These matchboxes are quality made, using molded plastic instead of cardboard for easier operation and long lasting use.
Plus, the IMPROVED gimmick in this version is stronger and more reliable than in similar but cheaper versions.

Please read the directions before using this effect, as improper handling of the gimmick may break it.

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