Mastermind Deck
Simple deck lets you perform the most mindblowing card effect ever!

Mastermind Deck


Stunningly simple deck lets you perform the most mindblowing card effect ever!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

If you can hold a deck of cards, you can perform a miracle!


We can't rave about this effect enough.
It fooled us!

And there are SEVERAL great effects you can do with it!
The effects you can do with this deck are only limited by your imagination.
This is a real reputation maker, whether you are doing mind reading or just want to perform one of the most startling and amazing card effects ever.

This is the amazing effect you see demonstrated in the video above.
Let your spectator choose a card, and let your spectator make a series of cuts.
You are not handling the deck- but HE finds his own card!

Introduce a deck of red back Bicycle cards.
Spread them all face up on your table so your audience can see the entire deck.
All the cards are different.
Pick the deck back up and you can shuffle the deck if you like.
You take out a blue back Bicycle card from your pocket or it can already be on your table face down.
You tell your volunteer that this is your prediction of the card you think he or she will pick in just a moment.
You spread the cards face down on your table ( or you can just hold the card and fan them out).
Your spectator takes out ABSOLUTELY any card from the funny business... just a completely fair choice on the volunteer's part.
Tell the spectator to keep the card face down for the moment.
You turn over your prediction card (let's say it's the 3 of hearts).
You now turn over the card that your volunteer has FREELY chosen... and it's also the 3 of Hearts!
WOW! A miracle!

Make a prediction of a card that will be selected during an upcoming performance.
MONTICUP SAYS: I place the prediction or an actual playing card that is my prediction in a small envelope and mail this inside a regular size envelope to the person or committee that has booked my show.
I do this a week before my performance.
Sometime during my performance, I have the person that received the envelope and my prediction, bring it up on stage.
I have them pick a card, then I have them open the envelope for the first time.
My prediction, of course, matches exactly!

Use the deck as a force deck.
Unlike other force decks where you can't spread the cards and show them all different, this one can be shuffled completely and shown that ALL CARDS are different.

You will learn the secret in less than a minute.
The deck does it all!

Though it sounds IMPOSSIBLE, this deck practically works itself.
If you think you know how it works- you don't!

  • No forcing!
    No fancy sleights, no funny counting, no "magician's choice"!
  • No roughed cards!
  • No switching of cards!
    No envelope or special wallet needed!
  • No trimmed or tapered cards!
  • No marked cards!
  • No false counts or fancy sleights!

If you can hold a card in your hand, you can do this trick!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Mastermind Deck
  • easy printed instructions

And that's all you need!
Cards have a Bicycle back design.

Tips & Ideas


Customer Reviews

Fair and Festival Magician
Easily the Best Prediction Trick Card Deck You Will Ever Own! I use this awesome deck to perform a trick I call “Second Sight”. I start with having the cards ribbon spread face up, and one predication card face down. I raise the face down prediction card to my eye (back to audience) and say “Before you walked up, with my ‘Second Sight’ I saw you choosing a card, I saw you choosing this card.” I place the card face down again, and then say “Now that you’re here in person I want you to choose a card, but I don’t want you to choose it by sight, I want you to choose it by ‘Second Sight’.” I then ribbon spread the deck face down and say “Point to any card you like.” When the spectator points to a card, I separate it from the deck, and place it on top of the prediction card and I casually remove the rest of the deck from the table and put it in my dump pouch. At this point I use some patter to reinforce the impression that both the spectator and I have chosen our cards independently of any influence from each other. Finally, I say, “And that’s why I call this trick ‘Second Sight’”, and I turn over the spectator’s card along with the prediction card. Of course the spectator is amazed that both cards match!!! An awesome trick, works every time, the spectators are always amazed, and they will remember you and this trick for a long time!!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from WV. on 9/2/2016

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