Houdini Martinka Booklet - VINTAGE
Authentic Martinka & Co 1919 booklet!

Houdini Martinka Booklet - VINTAGE


Authentic Martinka & Co. booklet from 1919, when Houdini owned the shop!





Original and authentic Martinka magic company booklet from 1919- when Houdini owned the shop!
Own a piece of magic history!

Founded in 1877 by brothers Francis and Antonio Martinka, Martinka & Co., quickly established itself as one of the premier suppliers of magic props, both large and small, to the performing magic community. In 1902, the Society Of American Magicians was founded in Martinka's back room. Over the years, several famous magicians owned the shop, including Carter the Great in 1917, and Harry Houdini in 1919.
This booklet was sold when Houdini was owner (and also president of the S.A.M.) in 1919 for 25 cents.
The booklet contains the instructions for some simple tricks, as well as advertisements for props available from Martinka & Co., including Vulcan's Magic Wand, the Multiform Fan, the New Dice Box, and the dangerous looking looking Hypnotised Lady illusion.

THIS BOOKLET IS VERY RARE, especially in this condition!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Martinka 1919 Booklet

CONDITION: very good to excellent.
Booklet is very tight and flat- seems like it has never been opened.
Pages are darkened with age.
Cover has dark foxing along outer edges.
In photos, outside edges look wrinkled- they are not. They are flat and smooth.
Staples are shiny with no rust.

Booklet is 10 pages, softbound.
Size of booklet is about 7.75" x 5.25".

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