White Marbled Die Box
Vanish a die from inside a box- desirable four-door feature!

White Marbled Die Box


Vanish a die from inside a box- marbled finish!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Easy to see- and easy to do!


You see it and HEAR it- it's gone and it's back!

One of the best looking and smooth operating SUCKER DIE BOX props on the market!
What's a Sucker Die Box?
It's a trick where you "sucker" or fool your audience into thinking they know how you did it- right up to the surprise ending!

You start this trick by placing an empty hat or other container on your table.
Then show your audience a large white die and a large white wooden box.
Place the die into the hat or container.
Open all the doors on the box so your spectators can see that the box is truly empty!
They can see right through it from front to back!

Now you take the die out of the hat, then place the die into the left side of the box.
The audience can definitely see the die in the box.
Then close all the doors of the die box.
Tell your audience that the block has "disappeared" and quickly tilt the box to the right side.
Your audience can clearly hear that the die slid over into the right compartment!
You open the left hand door to "prove" the block is gone.
Of course, they tell you that the die is now on the right side!

So you close the door, tilt the box so the audience hears the die slide to the left compartment, and again tell them that the block is gone, opening the right side door this time.
The audience will be very eager to tell you that the die has just slid over to the left- it has not really disappeared.
Or so they think!

And here is where the magic happens!
This time, you open the right side AND the left side doors at the same time- ALL FOUR DOORS ARE OPEN and the box is EMPTY- the die has indeed vanished!

You then reach into the hat that was sitting on your table all along- and the die is back in the hat!

Great effect that makes your audience go crazy!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • White Marbled Die Box (box and die)
  • printed instructions

You provide the hat, box or bag to put the die into.

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