Many times you'll find yourself hired to do a show by a group with unreal expectations.
"Can you make the president of the company appear in a puff of smoke?"
"We want you to make the birthday child float in the air!"
"Can you produce Santa Clause for the children- from thin air?"
Most likely, these people have no concept of how magic tricks work, they just have fantasies.
Rather than just say "no", try to think outside the box.
What the group really wants is something memorable and magical.
Here's what I did when asked to produce Santa at a crowded Christmas shopping mall event...


Lou Conti

Date 12/15/2020

Thanks Peter for the great tips. By the way tell you customers to order now, things are getting rushed at Post Offices, my last two purchases have been stuck in Gordonsville, VA, since Dec 11. Hopefully I will get the by Christmas.

Mr. G.

Date 12/15/2020

I can relate to your experience with thinking outside the box and found your tips clever! Thank you!!

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