Magic Tricks Where Something Floats
These are tricks where something becomes airborne!

*Tricks Where Something Floats

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Float a playing card in midair above the deck!
Learn to levitate yourself- as seen on TV!
Float a bottle cap in midair, plus float other ordinary objects!
Float a REAL borrowed dollar bill in midair- and more! DVD instruction version
Make a ghoul's head float away from his body!
Spooky skull floats up from behind the cloth!
Make a playing card fly around your body!
Make a playing card fly away and return, plus learn bonus card sleights!
Sparkly silver ball mysteriously floats at your command!
Float a white ball in midair, and make it move at your command!
Float a match in midair above a playing card!
Prank your friends! Make objects levitate!
Make a dollar bill float in the air- and much more!
Control the legendary silver ball as it floats around in front of you!
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