Magic Clips: Celeste Evans on "To Tell the Truth" TV Program

Posted by Peter Monticup on 7/25/2020 to Magic Movies


How sharp are your deduction skills?
The fabulous Celeste Evans was one of the challengers on the longrunning game show "To Tell the Truth" in 1958.
Here is the complete segment from that show!
Can you guess which woman is the REAL Celeste Evans??

We had the pleasure of a brief correspondence with Miss Evans about 10 years ago.
So charming, and what an interesting life story.
She was a true pioneer in the art of magic, doing so much to make possible the magical careers of the female performers of today.
A class act, and very much missed.
Visit her website to learn more about this legend!

And if you enjoyed guessing which one was Celeste Evans, try guessing which one of these contestants is the Fire Eater:


Date 7/27/2020
Mr. G.
Nice videos! Brings back some memories of the show!!
Date 7/27/2020
Allan Crossan
That was fun to watch! They fooled me too. Ha!

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